What is a Fruit Crisp?

Fruit Crisps are the best way to enjoy all-natural fruit in distinct and sweet new combinations. Pineapple and a variety of healthy fruits and veggies meet to make for a snack that’s easy and fun to eat. Our dehydration process allows us to create a thin, crunchy bite out of the best flavors fruit has to offer. That means we use natural fruit with no preservatives, additives, or added sugar.

 It’s our way of making a treat that’s as good for you as it tastes!

Pineapple + Apple

The Original Combo that inspired it all. When we discovered how well the sweet and sour taste of Pineapple and Apple go together, we knew we had to make some more!

Pineapple + Strawberry

Pineapple and Strawberry make for a jam-packed Combo. With the punch of sour candy, but filled with Vitamins, this combo provides 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin C.

Pineapple + Apple
+ Beets + Kale

Our newest Veggie variety distinctly enhances the sweetness of our classic Combo, making it the perfect healthful addition to your family’s pantry. Notes of Beet and Kale offer a delicious contrast to the flavors of pineapple and apple. They also pack the crisps with plenty more vitamins and minerals.

About Zina's

Zina’s is a family company dedicated to healthy snacking. Our goal has always been to make it easy for children and picky eaters everywhere to love getting their vitamins and minerals.

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